A Note From the Publisher

There are times you think you know about the challenges that lie ahead for you, only to be surprised by things that you’ve never thought of before. For instance, shortly after I was elected as Governor of Maine, I asked for a briefing about two of the biggest emergencies I might encounter while performing the job I had just been elected to hold. Those potential emergencies were an incident at the state’s only nuclear power plant or an unwieldy riot by prisoners at the state’s penitentiary. For both of those scenarios, I was informed about the potential risks, and it gave me an opportunity to think about preparing for them, should either happen.

While neither of those risks—thankfully—came to fruition on my watch, the worst flooding to hit Maine in 50 years did, and it was an experience I will never forget. The loss of property and impact to lives in my home state was a challenge for all of us to endure, but that experience brought some powerful lessons that stay with me today.