Beyond 34: Recycling and Recovery for a New Economy

What is Beyond 34: Recyling and Recovery for a New Economy?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center is launching Beyond 34: Recycling and Recovery for a New Economy, a place-based pilot project to demonstrate a replicable and scalable model—at the scale of the local economy—for breaking through the current 34% national average recycling rate and achieve a circular economy through innovative recycling and recovery solutions.

In collaboration with Resource Recycling Systems (RRS), and with initial funding from the Walmart Foundation, Target, Republic Services, The Dow Chemical Company, and Walgreens, CCC will provide a platform demonstrating how to optimize recycling and recovery of high value focus materials generated from commercial, industrial and residential sources through private-public partnership and adoption of best practices. 

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“The circular economy is a huge opportunity for the business community and for the American economy,” said Jennifer Gerholdt, senior director of the environment program for the U.S. Chamber Foundation's Corporate Citizenship Center“ ‘Beyond 34’ will help accelerate recycling and recovery solutions that enhance business performance, competitiveness, and innovation while stimulating sustainable economic growth and development at the local level.”