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Beyond 34 is a first-of-its-kind public-private sector partnership to help break through the current national recycling barrier of 34%.

To improve recycling rates, all sectors need to work together. Beyond 34 brings together business and civic leaders as part of its model to increase local recycling rates.       

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation leads Beyond 34 and has been managing the Orlando region pilot since it was announced in September 2017. The Chamber Foundation is continuing on-the-ground work in the Orlando region, while also looking to apply a refined model with lessons learned from the pilot to a new region. Further, the U.S. Chamber Foundation is developing the tools necessary for any region to apply the Beyond 34 model on its own. Here are a few ways to engage.  

Join the Orlando Region Pilot

The Chamber Foundation, the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Orlando are partners on the Beyond 34 pilot to increase recycling rates in the Orlando region. The U.S. Chamber Foundation, with its partners, applied the Beyond 34 model in Orlando and is now in the final phase of implementing projects. In November 2018, more than $100,000 in funding was announced for implementation projects to increase the local recycling rate. If you are a business or an organization interested in supporting or participating in the Orlando effort, please email Stephanie Potter

Assist with Application of the Beyond 34 Model in the City of Cincinnati

The Chamber Foundation, City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce are partnering on an effort to apply in the Cincinnati area a refined version of the Beyond 34 model based on lessons learned from the Orlando pilot. The Chamber Foundation and its technical partner Arizona State University will be convening local stakeholders and conducting a technical analysis to ultimately create a roadmap to increasing and improving recycling in the Cincinnati area. The last phase of the model, implementing select projects from the roadmap, will take place in mid to late 2020. If you are a business or an organization interested in supporting or participating in the Cincinnati effort, please email Stephanie Potter

Support the National Tools and Resources Development

The Chamber Foundation is building out its Beyond 34 website so that it is the place businesses and communities go to learn about the Beyond 34 model, to find potential collaborator partners on projects to increase and improve recycling, to read about successful tactics U.S. communities have taken in their recycling programs, and to find other important information to deciding how to increase and improve recycling locally. If you have tools and resources that you would like included on the Beyond 34 website or would like to be featured in and support the development of this important resource, please email Stephanie Potter

Bring the Beyond 34 Model to Your Community

The Chamber Foundation is in the process of bringing the Beyond 34 model to new regions with its active involvement and developing the online tools necessary for any community to learn about and apply the Beyond 34 model. If you think your community would be a good place for the Chamber Foundation to bring the Beyond 34 model or you would like to be updated on the development of these online materials, please contact Stephanie Potter

Tell us Your Recycling Story 

We want to hear from businesses of all sizes on how you are working to improve your sustainability and waste reduction. Please email Stephanie Potter to share your story with the Beyond 34 network.