Letter from the Editor: Upsides to Experience & Evolution

Vice President of Research and Emerging Issues

If you do anything for any amount of time, you learn that there are always ways to improve it. After a year of writing and publishing the Business Horizon Quarterly (BHQ), that’s what we’ve done.

From the very beginning, the National Chamber Foundation (NCF) designed the BHQ to showcase a range of emerging issues that will impact business and free enterprise at large over the next several years. That mission focus has not changed. Using the distinguished and diverse insights from NCF’s Scholars & Fellows, guest contributors, and NCF’s leadership, the BHQ is still home to great ideas and observations.

Now, there is even more of this insightful content while adding some new features that pro"le current business leadership and entrepreneurial leaders coming over the horizon. We’ve also added a new feature called, “Things You Should Know,” which will showcase unique details culled from NCF’s featured programs, research, and other business news that we hope you will find informative. 

The new features are designed to make this publication more useful to our current readers, as well as the new ones we hope to gain in the coming months and years. We’ve learned that feedback, like experience, is a gift that we can learn from and use to not just our benefit, but also to the reward of others. 

With this issue’s focus upon “Leadership,” we took the opportunity to make changes we believe will deliver a better product. We want to ensure that every time you get an issue of the BHQ, you are delivered forward-leaning perspective that is always approachable, usable, and thought-provoking.

In going forward, we encourage your continued feedback and suggestions to allow NCF and the BHQ to remain on the cutting edge, where the best in business insight needs to be. !at’s what we want for the BHQ and with your help we will fulfill that promise with each and every issue.

Thank you for your support!


Rich Cooper