Letter From The Publisher


For several years now, there has been a lot of talk in the United States about “change.” Facing sluggish economic growth, a stubborn unemployment rate, and a business community uncertain about the future, there is no doubt America needs fresh, bold new ideas. But not all change is good—and not all change benefits U.S. businesses and workers or bolsters the country’s innovative and entrepreneurial foundation. 

That is why America’s national imperative must be to develop and foster the game-changing ideas, innovations, and products, as well as skilled workers who can ensure U.S. growth and success for generations to come. 

In the seventh issue of the Business Horizon Quarterly (BHQ), we explore the need for and emergence of real game changers who make progress happen. These inherently disruptive, creative, and empowering actors and actions are capable of helping industries, communities, and local, state, and national leaders to rise above long-standing obstacles to new heights of success and leadership. 

For example, there is great potential in the innovation clusters and other research and development partnerships arising across the country and inspiring more students in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields that will help fuel the development of new technologies and products. 

The booming growth in America’s energy resources also provides enormous potential for manufacturers and other companies to discover game-changing thinkers and strategies for advancing the U.S. industry. Technological advances, such as those offering groundbreaking access to “Big Data,” for example, are helping to reveal new ways of enhancing American programs, products, and services. 

Game changers can and do emerge from all corners of the public and private sectors in the United States—and they often influence more than just the way we do business but how we live our lives. Looking ahead, we must seek out the game changers who will allow us to continue building a nation where innovation, opportunity, ambition, and risk-taking are rightfully encouraged and championed. It is the American way.



Margaret Spellings


President, George W. Bush Presidential Center and former U.S. Secretary of Education