Alice Turner

Alice Turner
Humanitarian Relief & Resilience Program Supervisor, UPS

Alice started her career with The UPS Foundation in 2007 and is currently supports the UPS Humanitarian Relief and Resilience Program (HRRP), Foundation communications, and technology. Throughout her life, Alice has been passionate about building and improving communities. She holds a degree in Social Services and worked with multiple grassroots NGOs before joining UPS. Prior to joining the HRRP team, she was responsible for managing the systems driving UPS’s Federated Campaign.

As part of her role with the UPS Humanitarian Relief and Resilience Program, she coordinates $5.8 million of in-kind support for UPS, which included 623 shipments across 71 countries in 2018.  She constructs innovative solutions and mitigates problems for the global Foundation Humanitarian team.  In 2017, she deployed an online database that tracks in-kind shipment for grantees and collects consistent statistics allowing for more accurate reporting for both UPS and the organizations that they serve.

In her communications role, she manages the @UPS_Foundation Twitter handle and maintains the Foundation’s internal and external websites to ensure the content is current and relevant. Additionally, she develops and enhances various publications in support of UPS leadership and the Foundation’s over 4,300 grantees. She also serves on the Communication Council for the UN’s Logistics Emergency team.

Alice lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband Rob; her two children, Lilly (8) and Liam (5); and a puppy named Annie (1). She is an avid tennis player and is a member on multiple tennis teams. She also enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family.

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