Ann Calamai

Director, Sustainability, Optoro

Ann Calamai is the Director of Sustainability at Optoro. She brings over a decade of experience in the environmental field, having held previous positions in the government, non-profit, and private sectors. At Optoro, Ann overseas initiatives that enable retailers and manufacturers to accelerate sustainable supply chains and works with Optoro’s clients to build out environmental impact models that quantify sustainability benefits of using Optoro’s reverse logistics software. Ann, a year-round bicycle commuter, also leads Optoro’s internal sustainability programs. She works to reduce energy, packaging, and waste production at the company’s facilities and to heighten environmental awareness among Optoro employees. Prior to joining Optoro, Ann worked at the EPA’s Office of Research and Development on the Hydraulic Fracturing Taskforce. She has performed extensive research on a number of environmental policy issues including natural gas extraction, renewable energy subsidies, and nanotechnology. Ann has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Lewis and Clark College and an M.S. in Environmental Policy from Bard College.

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