Brian Chermside

CEO and President, Resinate Materials Group
As CEO and President of Resinate Materials Group, Mr. Chermside is responsible for managing corporate governance and strategy, including advancement of Circular Economy initiatives.
Prior to joining Resinate, Mr. Chermside had a distinguished career at Dow Corning, which included a variety of senior level positions including Corporate Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Chairman of Multibase Corporation,a France-based, Dow Corning owned company. While at Dow Corning, Mr. Chermside was instrumental in spearheading high-level business-to-business market strategies for new and existing brands, including the successful XIAMETER® brand.
Throughout his more than 30-year career, Mr. Chermside has demonstrated an ability grow key business units in diverse technical industries by improving efficiency, reducing costs and bringing competitive products to market. Mr. Chermside has a Bachelor of Business and Administration from Central Michigan University and a Master of Business Administration from Youngstown State University.