Brooke Valle, Strategy Officer, San Diego Workforce Partnership

TF19_Brooke Valle, San Diego Workforce Partnership

Brooke Valle is the Strategy Officer for the San Diego Workforce Partnership and has been actively engaged in the development of our Workforce ISA fund.  Brooke leads the organization’s strategic planning, business process transformation and advocacy efforts.  She oversees a variety of special projects from WIOA Pay for Performance to immigrant and refugee welcoming which leverage research, evaluation and technology to drive outcome-focused approaches for equity and income mobility.   Brooke previously lead the Workforce Partnership’s services to the business community, regional planning, labor market research, program performance and evaluation.  Prior to her time at the Workforce Partnership, Brooke served as a Deloitte strategy and operations consulting leader to the federal government where she helped agencies implement innovative approaches to solving some of the toughest challenges in areas such as consular affairs, international law enforcement, narcotics and the intelligence community.  Brooke also served as the Associate Director for Deloitte’s Latin American operations where she led strategic initiatives including business process re-engineering, new market entry, and acquisitions across 15 countries.   

Brooke has a Master’s Degree from The George Washington University in International Relations and an undergraduate degree from Ashland University in Spanish and International Affairs.