Christine Ortega

Christine Ortega
International Senior Advisor, Community Affairs & Grassroots, Southwest Airlines

With over three decades of experience in creating impactful corporate and nonprofit partnerships, Christine Ortega has devoted her entire career to making an impact.  She has advanced corporate social responsibility and strengthened communities through her commitment to building strategic relationships.  As the international senior advisor, for Southwest Airlines, Christine continues to develop collaborations that touch lives and transform communities.

Christine began her professional career in the world of media communications, where she garnered national awards in the field of broadcast television productions. Her growing experience in the nonprofit world established a unique, community-minded trajectory that evolved into her current role at Southwest Airlines.

For over thirty years, Christine has contributed to the growth and development of Southwest Airlines.  Starting with the marketing, promotions, and sales teams, Christine has shared her knowledge, experience and creative strengths to refine the relationship building needs for the company. Her leadership has contributed to a community-centric approach for the Community Outreach division domestically.  Christine has also impacted the international outreach, with her strategic focus creating strong international relationships and positive outcomes for the airline.

With her wealth of knowledge and experience, leaders within the corporate and nonprofit sectors often seek Christine's advice and guidance.  A thought leader, Christine also serves as a subject matter expert in the areas of corporate social responsibility and community engagement.

In her current role at Southwest Airlines, Christine provides valuable advice that helps to create more informed strategies for civic engagement and community investments.  Some of the areas that Christine provides valuable advice include: civility, anti-human trafficking, international community engagement, and disaster preparedness & recovery. Most recently, Christine has been tapped to contribute real-time analyses, and insights for community innovations that the airline might implement during the pandemic.

Believing in servant leadership and philanthropy, Christine purposefully invests her time, talent, and treasure to local and national organizations.  Wherever she goes, Christine combines her purpose to serve, love for community, and passion for social justice to do that which will leave the world a little better than when she arrived.

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