Dale Sands

Sands, Dale
Senior Vice President & Global Practice Director Private Client Sector, CH2M

Dale Sands is Senior Vice President and Global Practice Director for CH2M’s Private Client Sector business. He provides overall leadership for engineering and environmental services including industrial water, advanced facility design, infrastructure services, site planning and permitting, site remediation and revitalization, environmental health & safety, process engineering and sustainability/climate adaptation. CH2M’s private sector serves major corporations in oil and gas, power, chemical, industrial, manufacturing, life sciences, electronics and advanced facilities sectors. Mr. Sands has lived and traveled internationally and has experience in 65 countries. Previously Mr. Sands was Global Practice Director for Climate Adaptation (2014-2016), Managing Director, Environment Business Europe, Middle East and Africa (2012-2014) for AECOM’s leading environmental business. During his directorship he established and led a global knowledge technical network that ensured the best technical expertise and practices were advanced for client projects. Mr. Sands has served as Vice Chair, United Nations’ Private Sector Advisory Group for International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (2013 – 2015), and was a Board member (2011 – 2013). While Vice Chair, UNISDR Private Sector membership grew to 100 companies from 42 countries. Working with IBM, he developed the first Disaster Resilience Scorecard based upon the UN’s Ten Essential for Disaster Risk Reduction in 2014; the Scorecard is an innovative tool to assess preparedness of communities to respond to, and recovery from, natural disasters. The Disaster Resilience Scorecard received international acclaim, was recognized as a best practice by the UN International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction and received the Notre Dame Climate Adaptation Index 2015 Prize. He also developed a private business resilience survey tool that was applied to over 200 businesses in New Orleans in 2016. Mr. Sands is a frequently invited speaker to international climate and environmental conferences, serving as key note and plenary speaker. He has over 40 years of consulting experience in environmental matters, with more than 45 technical publications and presentations. In addition to his professional activities, Mr. Sands is an elected official as Village Trustee for the Deer Park, IL, and is active in many civic and non-profit organizations, holding Board level positions. Prior to joining CH2M, Mr. Sands held senior management positions with leading global organizations AECOM (Los Angeles), ABB Ltd (Zurich), Environmental Resources Management (London) and McKesson Corporation (San Francisco). Mr. Sands earned a B.S. in Chemistry (Central Michigan University), a M.S. in Environmental Science (University of Michigan) and a M.B.A. (California State University Hayward).

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