David Campbell

David Campbell
Chairman & CoFounder, All Hands and Hearts

David Campbell is now in his 15th year focused on disaster relief and recovery. After experiencing firsthand the needs in Thailand after the Dec 26, 2004 tsunami, where he helped organize 300 ad-hoc volunteers gathered to help recovery of a set of fishing villages, to the Sept 2005 incorporation of All Hands to respond to Hurricane Katrina, Campbell has led the organization as Founder and Executive Director, now as Chairman, through responses to over  100 global events, including major recovery efforts in Haiti, Japan, Nepal, and the Philippines, among dozens of others, and  with multiyear current efforts in Texas and Puerto Rico.

Campbell's 40 year corporate career including serving as CEO of two public companies and service on 10 corporate boards; awards including Purpose Prize, Manhattan Entrepreneurship award , 2 honorary doctorates, and Chairing the Greater Buffalo Chamber of Commerce from 1989-1991.

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