Denise Spell

D. Spell
Chief of Operations and Engineering, Field Innovation Team

Denise Spell is the Chief of Operations and Engineering at the Field Innovation Team. She is also CEO and Chief Innovator of mapping software Currant, Inc. and Co-Founder of the drone company Luftronix. Denise with the team develops and implements cutting-edge technologies to change the way communities respond to natural disasters, emergencies and security threats.

Denise deploys teams into disasters with the Field Innovation Team and she co-leads the experimentation with emergency managers and agencies. Denise co-facilitated experimentation with five United Nation agencies, the Red Cross and the Federal Aviation Administration in Cape May, New Jersey where drone demonstrations took place to demonstrate how these unmanned aerial systems can save lives. Recently, Denise deployed to Texas for Hurricane Harvey harnessing technology to empower disaster survivors. 

Along with her leadership at the Field Innovation Team, Denise is the Founder of Currant, Inc. an incident management and threat assessment platform that incorporates the latest technologies including social media data, community reporting and drone feeds to give responders a powerful and effective tool for situational awareness and organized real world response.  Co-Founder of Luftronix the first generation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle flight guidance software and solutions to enable safe flight in an out of GPS signal and mission flights for security and inspection and more.

Denise is a graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Physics. She has worked for over two decades in some of the most successful technology startups in NYC and Silicon Valley.

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