Geeta Pillay

Geeta Pillary
Founders Diamond, Amway Business Owner

Geeta Pillay hails from Mumbai where she did Post Graduation in Medical Bio-Chemistry followed by Diploma in Financial Management from Mumbai University. She started her career as a teacher in a science college which was not very interesting. After her marriage she was persuaded to build a brand new career in Computer Software towards which she did a number of basic & then highly specialized courses part time. She built an excellent career in the software industry as a programmer, business analyst & specialized in real time/just in time delivery management.

While she was enjoying this flourishing career here & overseas when she felt that there is more to life than that & was keenly looking out for changes she could incorporate to bring about a semblance of balance & a better quality of life.

In this quest she & her husband came across the Amway Business Opportunity in 1990 while in Australia; did the research; decided to learn to become an entrepreneur along with the career.

When the business opened in India in 1998 she re-located back to Mumbai & built the business to a very successful level called the Founder Diamond. This became a migration path from a focused career path to a more balanced life with family, health & fitness, more time control & better financial options for which they both are very grateful.

With this success behind her; she now proposes to help more families get a better quality of life & especially women to become more empowered both at home & in the market place. She is passionately looking to create significance along with her successful career in a job & business by building the Amway Business where she has unlimited possibilities to empower women & families to build a better quality of life.

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