Gerald McSwiggan

Gerald McSwiggan
Senior Director, Issue Networks

Gerald McSwiggan oversees the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center Issue Network  capabilities. The Center's Issue Networks are business-led coalitions of leading companies that work together to harness their collective power to advance progress against specific issues they care deeply about.

He also manages the Center's disaster assistance and recovery capabilities. The disaster portfolio provides best-practice recovery information for businesses and communities, as well as critical on-the-ground support during times of disasters. He organizes the Disaster Corporate Aid Tracker and the popular cross-sector disaster events, leads on-the-ground recovery delegations, and creates information exchanges so lessons learned from previous disasters are remembered.

Gerald has managed the Center's response to disasters including the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, multiple hurricanes in the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Ocean coastal regions, flooding in Pakistan and parts of the United States, tornadoes and wildfires in the United States, and more. He also directs the activities of the National Disaster Help Desk for Business, made possible by the Office Depot Foundation and staffed by disaster expert Ines Pearce. 

Gerald previously served as Federal Programs Coordinator in the Washington, D.C. Federal Affairs Office of Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Prior to working for the State of Florida, he worked on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Fellow for U.S. Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma. Gerald holds a B.A. in Psychology from Wake Forest University, and holds an MBA from Georgetown University.

Gerald and the Center's business preparedness and recovery expertise has been featured in USA Today, CNBC, Fox Business, and more.

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