Joseph Vaughn

M.Ed., Educator: Executive Director Food and Child Nutrition Services, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Mr. Joseph Kennedy Vaughn, Executive Director, came to Cleveland Metropolitan School District from Alabama where he has 20 years experience as an Executive Director of Food Services. During his tenure, Mr. Vaughn has received Regional and National recognition for his leadership in implementing a variety of USDA meal programs such as "Breakfast in the Classroom, At Risk Supper Program, and the Summer Food Service Program".
In the past 3 years, Mr. Vaughn has increased meals by 1.8 million and revenue by over $6 million dollars while also winning several Regional and National awards. He has been married to Pamela Kirkland Vaughn for the past 28 years and they have 3 children and 1 grandson.
Mr. Vaughn considers himself blessed to be working for CMSD, and he hopes that he can play a small part in helping CMSD as it continues to implement "The Cleveland Plan".
"I am very honored to be selected by Mr. Zohn and Mr. Gordon as a replacement for Mr. Balaban. He did a lot of great things in Cleveland during his tenure, and I just hope that I can continue building on the foundation he laid".