Juliana Cardona Meija

Juliana Cardona
Founder and CEO, Street Entrepreneurs

Juliana Cardona is the founder and CEO of Street Entrepreneurs. She is an inquisitive, passionate creator and organizer who is constantly working to drive action and local impact. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Communications and Latin American Studies from Florida Southern College. While in college, she spent time volunteering with 20 grassroots organizations in the Florida, Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Philippines, Taiwan, and Mexico. The service projects she undertook included installing solar bulbs in Manila with Liter of Light and mentoring children in Lakeland with Big Brother Big Sister. In recognition of her initiative, service, and achievement in voluntary public service Juliana was awarded the United States Congressional Bronze Certificate. Juliana has also been honored by being named a Diana Davis Global Good Fund Fellow, Ford Motor Company Global Scholar, Aspen Latino Institute Fellow, and a Cologne Scholar.

In 2015 she founded Street Entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial education to disadvantaged youth, with classes in shelters and prisons. At community centers, different groups attended, including 50+ unemployed individuals, mothers with special needs children that required they work from home and underemployed individuals most of whom were African-American. This observation helped Street Entrepreneurs expand its services to focus on diminishing barriers to accessing entrepreneurship. Street Entrepreneurs supports problem solvers with grit and a good idea launch and scale their enterprises, thus building wealth for themselves, their families, and communities.

Street Entrepreneurs looks for people with talent, hope, and heart, and creates human, social and economic development locally. Businesses Street Entrepreneurs has supported include: a low-carbon footprint high-heel shoes, helping kids with autism communicate using artificial intelligence and a catering company which hires and gives back to veteran organizations. Street Entrepreneurs hosts 35 classes for over 300 entrepreneurs per year. Prior to starting Street Entrepreneurs, Juliana collaborated with the World Bank Group’s Information Communications Technology Community of Practice for Agriculture to design and support the first Agri-Hackathon program in Uganda.

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