Maggie Koizol, Senior Manager, Deloitte LLP

Talent Forward Speaker: Maggie Koizol

Maggie is Deloitte's Workforce Development Social Impact Leader where she’s deploying Deloitte’s relationships and assets to help build bridges between education, skills development, and employment. She is a subject matter expert in education, workforce, and social policy, and has expertise in economics-based decision-making, strategy development and execution, policy and political analysis and engagement, and leading both incremental, and large-scale change through smart decision-making and policy. Over the last 15 years she has led efforts at Deloitte, the World Bank, UNDP, and USAID on social policy issues ranging from workforce development and education to food security and good governance, worked with public and private sector clients on program development and implementation, and executed high-profile projects aimed at influencing policy and programming for the greater good. Possessing a strong quantitative bent and commitment to using robust data to drive engagement, she is driven by a desire to achieve equal opportunity for all through good policy, social interventions, and public-private partnerships.