Wayne Lonstein

Wayne Lonstein
CEO, VFT Solutions

Wayne Lonstein has been described as a “content futurist” who has been actively engaged in studying content protection through understanding pirate behavior for over 28 years. He has correctly predicted many trends and patterns in the field of content protection, anti-piracy and monetization.

An accomplished litigator and jurist, he is a Co-Founder of VFT Solutions, a forward thinking company that believes that intellectual property is best protected from the bottom-up. He has represented many content owners, broadcasters, professional athletes and entertainers.

A member of the Forbes Technology Council, he holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science, Information Systems Security and Cyber Forensics, a Master’s Degree in Information Assurance and Homeland Security as well as a Juris Doctor. He has invented patented anti-piracy technology and written extensively on the blending of technology and brick and mortar solutions to protect content. He has appeared as a speaker at industry conferences and on television as an expert in content protection and technology.

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