Yanire Braña

Yanire Brana
Founder and CEO, MET Community

Yanire Brana is the executive director and founder of MET Community, a non-profit organization that supports and promotes women entrepreneurship through training, mentoring and networking activities.

Back in 2008, Yanire founded her non-for-profit organization MET Community which specifically targets and helps women entrepreneurs. In 2019, MET Community is spread across Europe, Latin America, and the US. To support MET's endeavors across continents, Yanire manages work of 50-people strong team calling ten different countries their home (Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panamá, Peru, Spain, and the US).

Prior to MET, Yanire Brana has accumulated over two decades of experience in knowledge management, communications, marketing, training, leveraging information technology, change management, and innovation. Her former employers include the Work Bank Group, Inter-American Development Bank, Banco Popular, Accenture and Booz Allen. As part of her work for the World Bank Group, Yanire developed studies and specific research focused on Latin American women entrepreneurs. Her work for Inter-American Development Bank, as the Communication and Change Management Leader, enabled her to hone in her change management skills by implement change initiatives across a very large organization. She was also a Corporate Development Manager at Banco Popular Group where she participated in the creation of knowledge management plans that aligned with the bank’s strategy and priorities.

Yanire holds a Law degree, and a Masters degree in International Relations and an MBA specialized in technology from IE Business School. She also has a certificate in Innovation and Change Leadership from Georgetown University, Harvard Business School, and London Business School.

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