4 Tips on Protecting Your Business From Internal Theft


Quick and easy tips to help minimize the thread of theft within your organization.

Businesses face real issues when it comes to establishing safety and trust within an organization. From cyber to equipment, theft is an unfortunate reality with substantial financial repercussions. By being pro-active, you can reduce the risk of internal theft.  Here are a few tips from our Safety and Security Quick Guides to help minimize the threat of theft within your organization:

CONSIDER RUNNING A BACKGROUND CHECK – This is especially important for prospective new hires. Many organizations require background checks as a standard part of their operating procedure in order to ensure the safety and vulnerability of their data and current employees.

KEEP MINIMAL AMOUNTS OF CASH IN YOUR FACILITY – Cash is an easy target for a not so honest insider. Keep cash stored or hidden and only allow employees who “Need To Know” it’s there, know it’s there.

ONLY PROVIDE KEYS TO EMPLOYEES WHEN NECESSARY FOR THEM TO PERFORM THEIR JOB - Limit the amount of access given within your organization. Keys can be stolen from a trustworthy employee. By having a policy in place that states keys and access information be given only to employees who need it in order for them to complete their job, you reduce opportunities for easy theft.

CONSIDER AN ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM – Access control systems offer more protection than other forms of entry. They’re also easier to replace should a card be lost or stolen.

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