Become a Health Champion!


HMB Champions Network empowers businesses with the tools to help create a healthier America

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that employers lose around $1,700 per employee, per year, due to health problems that could be avoided. But, the nation’s business leaders recognize that America’s competitiveness relies on better health for its citizens. That’s why a year ago, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we launched the Health Means Business campaign.  And as the campaign visited cities and towns throughout the United States, we’ve seen how business and community leaders are taking action to invest in workplace and community wellness and, in turn, are increasing economic competitiveness.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Health Means Business Champions Network—a new network to help businesses, chambers of commerce, and community stakeholders to create healthier communities.

The Champions Network empowers businesses (large, medium, and small), chambers of commerce, and stakeholders to take action. By joining the Network, you’ll receive tools and practical resources to become community wellness champions, including:

  • Wellness PledgeHealth Champions can show their commitment to making their communities healthier by taking the Champions Network Wellness Pledge. The pledge is the first step in the Champions Network and gives businesses, chambers of commerce, individuals, and community stakeholders access to practical resources, peer-to-peer networking, and more.
  • Peer-to-Peer SharingThe HMB Champions Network private Facebook group helps businesses and health leaders to network and learn from peers across the country. Ask questions and engage with your business peers! 
  • Online Resource CenterMore than a simple listing of resources, the Online Resource Center includes up-to-date information on the national Health Means Business campaign and details how businesses, chambers of commerce, and community partners can take action to invest and engage in corporate and community health. The Online Resource Center addresses what it takes to build a healthy community where both people and businesses thrive, showcasing best practices from our Champions Network with easy to use tips, tools, and a Health Means Business Champions Handbook to help every community build a culture of health.
  • Learning ModulesIn-depth learning modules will help walk businesses and chambers of commerce through different ways to engage in community health. Modules include instruction on how to host a Health Means Business forum, become a Health Champion, and start a wellness committee at a company or local chamber.
  • Fast Tracks:Fast Tracks are quick and easy tips businesses and chambers of commerce can use right away. Current Fast Tracks include our Getting Started Guide, Fit 15: Fifteen Ways to Drive Community Wellness, and Fit 15: Fifteen Ways to Drive Company Wellness.

How do you join the Champions Network? It’s simple! Start by taking the Wellness Pledge to gain access to resources and quick tips to get engaged.

The Champions Network is a key element of the Health Means Business campaign, a two-year commitment by the U.S. Chamber Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to foster engagement in the wellness of American communities. Join the Network and become a Health Champion today!