The Benefits of Earning a Professional Certificate in CSR

February 9, 2017


Alumni of the Institute for CSR, David Figliuzzi, shares the benefits of earning a Professional Certificate in CSR.

Institute for CSR Alumni Reflections: Interview with David Figliuzzi

Why did you choose to participate in the Institute for CSR and what year did you graduate?
I chose the program based on the strength of the program’s course of study. I graduated in 2016.

What was your favorite part of the program?
My favorite part of the program was the opportunity to interact with my peers from a variety of industries. The program participants came from across the country around the world and all offered unique perspectives and inspiring ideas.

How have you used the knowledge and/or connections you gained at the Institute to improve your work?
I regularly refer to the information I learned at the Institute as I work with my team to design programs and grow our CSR presence.

What would you tell prospective participants about the program?
Take advantage of this opportunity to grow and learn! This is a great way to be exposed to new ideas and gain a solid foundation in the essentials of CSR.

Any tips for 2017 registrants on how to get the most out of their participation?
Come ready to participate! The strength of the program is in the participation of those present, so be ready to listen and learn and share.

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