Child Care a Crucial Component to Strengthening America’s Workforce


child care
What role does quality child care play in making America more competitive? (Photo by U.S Army, used under Creative Commons license.)


The Chamber Foundation will explore the role of high-quality child care in strengthening America's workforce.

Having all available parents in the workforce is a reality for many families today. For children under five, 11 million are in out-of-home care, for an average of 36 hours per week. And by kindergarten entry, many children have spent 10,000 hours or more in out-of-home care. Yet, millions of working families do not have access to the high-quality care that enables parents to work and their young children to flourish and develop. This has significant implications for the American workforce and the competitiveness of the American economy.

American business needs a strong workforce, now and in the future, to compete and succeed in the global economy. Yet in the context of global competition for innovation, human talent, and productivity, American businesses are facing a workforce crisis: there are insufficient workers with the skills business needs to fill existing and new job openings.

To address this growing skills gap, we must reconsider the entire education pipeline, starting with high-quality early education and care.

Please join the U.S.  Chamber  of  Commerce  Foundation  on June 21, 2017 as  we  launch  our  new  initiative  and  report, "Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow: The Business Case for High-Quality  Child  Care," and explore the role of high-quality child care as a critical mechanism for strengthening the current and future workforce.

Hear from inspiring keynote speakers including neuroscientist Dr. Pat Levitt, author, pediatrician and health communicator Dr. Laura Jana, and many others. Through interactive panel discussions, speeches and networking opportunities, we’ll examine the concept  of  high-quality  child  care  as  not  just  a  benefit  for  working  parents but also a critical component of America’s early education system. Sessions will explore the brain science of early development, the impact of high-quality child care on children, families, and businesses, and highlight of innovative business-led initiatives and investments.

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