Digital Empowers: Join Our Tech for Good Journey

Technology is an indispensable part of today’s world. Innovative technology and devices influence how humans interact with each other—they also hold significant potential to affect positive societal change. While technology is ever evolving, its goals remain constant—to solve real-world problems, serve society, and present new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Many of you joined us at our Digital Empowers Forum last May. During the event, we heard how innovative collaborations are solving issues like food safety, refugee resettlement, and disaster response. 

Today, we’re excited to launch the next phase of our Digital Empowers partnership. Over the next two years, our aim is to increase the understanding of technologies and digital innovations like, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics in promoting social good.  

Digital Empowers will travel across the country and through a series of six regional forums, original research, two national summits, and an innovations awards program, shining a light on how organizations of all sizes are leveraging new technologies and digital innovations to solve social challenges like housing mental health, opioid crisis, chronic hunger, and disaster relief.

We know Digital Empowers will only be as strong as the partners and communities we engage. We’re looking for innovative stories to share and partnerships to feature throughout the campaign. Here are some immediate ways you can get involved:

Join our Regional Forums

Our first regional forum is on December 4th for Digital Empowers Atlanta. In partnership with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, The Advanced Technology Development Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Technology Association of Georgia, the event will be an opportunity for Atlanta’s business and community leaders to explore and share the innovations and partnerships that are building a stronger future for the city. Learn more and register here.

Read the Research

Digital Empowers’ first piece of research was also launched today. Featuring takeaways from our May 2018 Forum, this report is a primer for anyone looking to learn more about these types of innovative partnerships and collaborations.  Click here to learn more.

Sign Up to Learn More

Digital Empowers will continue to grow as we announce new regional forum locations, original research, and new opportunities to engage. Sign up for updates here to make sure you stay up to date on the ways to join our campaign.

Combined with the ingenuity and resources concentrated within the private sector, innovative environments—where businesses can work with, and leverage, the assets of governments, nonprofits, and civil society—can develop creative, sustainable, and scalable solutions to alleviate societal and sustainability challenges. Join us on our journey to share and cultivate these collaborations to make a significant impact.