Five Reasons Mindfulness is the Ultimate Success Habit

February 23, 2017


Five reasons mindfulness is the ultimate success habit.

Every day we’re buffeted by “noise” from all the daily demands of work and life. How can we stay calm in this midst of all this? By taking an approach called Mindfulness. Simply becoming mindful of our thoughts and unconscious filters can lower stress and enhance our ability to make better decisions, including in our work lives. This month’s Health Means Business National Summit hosted a “Meditation Moment,” where attendees experienced the power of mindfulness firsthand.

Read on to discover five reasons behind why mindfulness is the ultimate success habit.

1. Productivity 

Mindfulness practice helps us filter through the chaos of the mind so that we can have better clarity on what's actually important. By improving clarity on what's truly important, it's possible to do less, using less time, and actually be more productive.

2. Greater influence

There is no better way to build influence with other people than to understand their needs and help them meet those needs. Mindfulness training changes our brains in ways that help us do that. One of the earliest studies on mindfulness training showed that mindfulness practitioners had measurably thicker insula than do non-practitioners. The insula is a part of the brain associated with empathy.

3. Better decision-making

Although we might not like to admit it, we all have biases wired into our brains. These biases often cause us to make decisions that are less than optimal. Mindfulness training helps us develop the refined levels of self-awareness that are necessary to see our biases objectively, before they influence our decisions. Equally important, mindfulness helps us develop the mental agility required to be able to make decisions that are outside of our comfort zone.

4. Improved health

There is now decades of research showing how mindfulness improves physical health in a wide variety of ways. Based on this research, one could make a good argument that practicing mindfulness might be the healthiest thing we can do.

5. Happiness

The most robust methods of mindfulness training were originally constructed with only this purpose in mind: to realize unconditional happiness. Unconditional happiness is something that you can train to develop by making the effort to be mindful during as many of your daily activities as possible.

Practicing mindfulness starts with becoming aware of our thoughts and making sure these thoughts are productive and positive. The website MindBodyGreen has more information on how to practice mindfulness at work and at home.

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