Funds for Haiti

Taryn Bird and Mia Chung of BCLC contributed to this post.

Newsweek piece on March 4th stated that the estimated cost of rebuilding Haiti is $14 billion – which is the same as 120% of Haitian gross domestic product (GDP).

To put this in context, the same article reports that rebuilding after the 1995 Kobe Earthquake cost Japan 3.6% of its GDP ($91 billion), Hurricane Katrina cost the United States 5% of its GDP ($81 billion), and Cyclone Nargis cost Myanmar 20% of its GDP ($11 billion).

This makes the 2010 Haitian earthquake the costliest natural disaster in terms of the affected countries’ capacity to rebuild. 

We have reported extensively on this blog about the large mobilization of business aid in response to the earthquake. With business pledges reaching $147.8 million (as of March 9th), this response ranks as the 3rd-largest  in business assistance for a natural disaster. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports a total of $895 million in philanthropic donations – including individual and business pledges – for Haiti.

So, we know how much money has been pledged by donors, and we know the estimates for how much it will cost to rebuild Haiti. But who actually has the money? For one, the U.S. government has provided $450 million in support. Key NGOs also have made public their Haiti fundraising totals.

Below we outline the tremendous amount of pledges to NGOs in response to the Haitian crisis. Our source for this data is the Chronicle of Philanthropy unless otherwise noted.


  • $703 million  – UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Humanitarian Appeal (source: OCHA Situation Report #28 (pdf)
  • $333 million – American Red Cross
  •  $233 million – UN World Food Program: (source: WFP website)
  • $77 million –  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Emergency Relief Response Fund 
  • $62 million – Partners In Health 
  • $51.3 million – U.S. Fund for UNICEF
  • $50.2 million – Doctors Without Borders (U.S.)
  • $40 million – Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
  • $35.1 million - UN Development Program: (source: UNDP website)
  • $31.5 million – World Vision (U.S.)
  • $31 million – CHF International (source: CHF International staff)
  • $24.8 million – Save the Children USA
  • $21.9 million – Oxfam America
  • $14.2 million - Salvation Army
  • $12.5 million - CARE USA
  • $11.9 million – Clinton Foundation
  • $11.5 million – AmeriCares

See the Chronicle article for a complete listing of charities and their fundraising. For a glimpse into how two NGOs are responding and allocating their resources, see our recent newsletter article.