Hiring 500,000 Heroes

I’m Carolyn Berkowitz, president of the Capital One Foundation and vice president of community affairs for Capital One.

I worked for non-profits for more than a decade before coming to Capital One. I joined the company because I have always believed in the power of partnership and collaboration between the business community, nonprofits and government organizations and I wanted to be a part of driving that vision forward.

I love what I do. 

What motivates me, my team and our company is a passion to really make a difference and help address the needs of our communities. Whether we’re providing workforce development and job training or we’re teaching financial literacy, every community and every challenge is unique. Our goal is to collaborate with our partners to find innovative solutions that will provide value and create the greatest community impact.

At its core, our approach to philanthropy and community engagement is based on our desire to drive sustainable change. That can be an ambitious and complex goal, but we try to ensure that every decision we make trues back to that vision.

Our partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the “Hiring Our Heroes” initiative is a perfect example of how our philosophy of collaboration and partnership can help make important things happen. 

After a decade of war, military service members who have been deployed around the world are returning home and to the civilian workforce. At Capital One we understand and appreciate the value that military experience brings to the workplace. We want to help support the hundreds of thousands of service members and their families who have sacrificed and given so much to our country and help other companies understand how they can use and leverage their skills.

Capital One has been working with the Chamber to sponsor job fairs and innovative workforce training initiatives that have given veterans and military spouses opportunities to make connections with employers who can put their skills and talents to work. We have committed $4.5 million over the next three years to support this program and expanded efforts designed to connect small business owners with this uniquely talented pool of potential employees.

We are tremendously proud and humbled to be a part of this effort. Our goal is to get 500,000 heroes hired and I’m sure that – working together – we’re going to make it happen.