How Business Owners Can Reduce The Risk of Invalid Claims

May 18, 2017


Two Words That Cost Business Owners Greatly: False Liability. How To Reduce The Risk Of Invalid Claims

Con artists are looking to make a fast – and dishonest – buck by claiming they were harmed by your business. Many are sharp at their craft and if you aren’t prepared, you could find yourself writing a large check to one of them. This not-so-obvious threat ends up costing businesses greatly. There are ways you can decrease your risk of becoming the subject of a liability claim. Here are a few:

  1. Use locks and access controls to keep non-employees out of the operational areas of your facility.
  2. Discourage loitering around your business.
  3. Conmen often work in teams. Keep in touch with local law enforcement for information on suspicious activity. Be sure to share the information with you employees so they too can be aware.
  4. Use security cameras to monitor public areas to record and keep record as evidence to disprove any liability claims.
  5. If you produce or prepare consumables, use cameras that record video to monitor and protect yourself and your employees from charges of tampering with your product.
  6. Be sure to keep all recorded video for a minimum of 30 days. Consider cloud storage options which allow you to store large quantities of data. This will allow you to keep your recordings longer.

For additional information or to download our complete safety and security checklist, visit our website here.