How Businesses Can Help Ecuador Recover


Helping Ecuador recover from the devastating earthquake will take multi-sector coordination, says Ecuador VP.

In the two weeks since the devastating 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador, the government, nonprofit, and business communities have rallied together to orchestrate the relief efforts. With more than 600 deaths, 4,600 injuries reported, and more than 29,000 people displaced, the earthquake has impacted the entire region.

During times of disasters, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation serves as the coordination liaison between the private sector wanting to assist in relief and recovery efforts, and those organizations on the ground. On April 22, we convened business leaders with those leading the relief effort in Ecuador including the Vice President of Ecuador Jorge Glas.

Vice President Glas stressed the impact the earthquake had on Ecuador’s infrastructure saying, “Roads, bridges, schools, hospitals that we need to recover for our people. It’s going to take billions of dollars to recover.”

He also stressed the need for coordination, like those made possible by the U.S. Chamber Foundation. “It’s very important to have the coordination to receive the things that we need,” said Vice President Glas.

It’s very important to have the coordination to receive the things that we need.” – Jorge Glas, Vice President, Ecuador

According to USAID, the priorities for the immediate relief effort include food, water sanitation and hygiene, and shelter support.

Those on the call also highlighted the role of the private sector. Juanita Rilling, from the Center for International Disaster Information, stressed that “Long term recovery also provides opportunities for the private sector to aid in recovery.”

Susan McDade, Deputy Director for Latin America and the Caribbean and Deputy Assistant Administrator at the United Nations Development Programme stressed “We need to start planning now, even this early, for the long term recovery. Getting Ecuador back in business.”

The people of Ecuador will need support from the private and public sector to make a full recovery. If you’re a business helping in the relief and recovery efforts in Ecuador, let us know by submitting to our Corporate Aid Tracker