How Citi Foundation is Engaging with Urban Youth

December 9, 2015


Citi Foundation’s commitment to empowering youth worldwide is shown in their latest research report.

As part of their efforts to promote economic progress for low-income communities around the world, Citi Foundation and the Economist Intelligence Unit have introduced a research initiative cataloging 35 global cities’ efforts to support their youth. The research is an extension of the Foundation’s Pathways to Progress program that provides urban youth with opportunities to build their entrepreneurial, leadership, and financial skills as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Investing in youth is critical to ensuring the economic resiliency and long term competitiveness of cities, but is often overlooked. We hope this research strengthens and guides the discussion about programs and policies that can best support young people’s contribution to sustainable cities now and in the future,” explains Brandee McHale, President, Citi Foundation.

The index, comprised of 31 scoring indicators, ranks each city on its overall environment for young people aged 18-25. These indicators are broken up into four major categories:

  • Government Support and Institutional Framework for Youth
  • Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Education and Training
  • Human and Social Capital

Toronto is the top-ranked community, with New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, and Washington, DC all following in the top ten.

Over 5,000 young people throughout the world’s major cities participated in this study. Participants showed a general concern for their current economic progress, but over three quarters felt somewhat or very optimistic about their future careers. Over half of those studied expressed strong interest in the field of computers and technology, and even more plan to start their own business someday! Learn more about Citi Foundation’s findings here.