Making a Difference That Matters

April 13, 2018

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Campbell Soup Foundation
© Photo provided by Campbell Soup Foundation

Campbell has a long history of giving back to our local communities – through financial support, in-kind donations, volunteer service and human capital. For decades, the company has focused its efforts on nourishing our neighbors and worked to create vibrant communities where we have operations.

But as a purpose-driven organization, we know we can do more. We spent some time with dedicated employees digging deep and taking a holistic look at our programs and the direction our company is headed.

From that digging, we developed a new strategic framework for our community work, rooted in our purpose, Real food that matters for life’s moments. It inspired Campbell’s goal to become the leading health and well-being food company. And, we believe that goal extends beyond our products to the health and well-being of our local communities.

Giving That Matters

Our mission is simple – to strengthen and empower healthy communities in our Campbell hometowns – and we believe we can achieve this mission through three core focus areas:

  • Increase Healthy Food Access – Increase availability of and accessibility to real, fresh foods
  • Encourage Healthy Living – Expand nutrition education and active lifestyle programs
  • Nurture Campbell Neighborhoods – Transform the physical spaces where people live, learn and play

We believe the barriers to achieving our mission vary by community and we’re working in partnership with local community leaders and organizations to build bold, sustainable solutions to their most pressing problems. We recognize that real change comes from the combined power of financial investments, our capabilities as a food company and the passion and skills of our employees. We’re working to enable our employees in their pursuit of purpose to develop lasting impact in our Campbell hometowns.

Giving to our local communities matters. It matters to the local organizations we support; it matters to our employees; and, it matters to Campbell because it is core to what we stand for and value as a company. It is truly Giving That Matters.

[Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared here.]