Making Economies Work for Women and Youth - India Forum

April 4, 2017

Although women’s access to economic opportunities has greatly increased around the world, many women and girls still face considerable barriers to economic participation. Our Women’s Economic Empowerment network highlights the economic and social value of business investment in women’s and girls' economic empowerment. Investing in women can help unleash untapped talent, lead to innovation, generate new consumers and produce a multiplier effect for the economy. Women also reinvest the majority of their income in their families and communities.

On April 14, join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and U.S.-India Business Council at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi, India at a CSR forum called “Making Economies Work for Women and Youth” to discuss best practices in promoting women and youth economic empowerment, and identify and address barriers to entrepreneurship and workforce participation.

Achieving gender equality in India would have a much larger economic impact there than in any other region in the world—according to McKinsey Global Institute, $700 billion of added GDP in 2025—but comprehensive change is needed. We are helping global companies catalyze cross-sector advancement and partnerships among stakeholders and working with our partners abroad to promote women’s economic empowerment at a local level.

Our forum is being made possible by our partners: Abbott, Amway, and Walmart. All three companies are proving how investing in women can create value for themselves and for society. Our host sponsor, Abbott, is working to backward integrate Abbott’s dairy supply chain to source high-quality products from women at the local level while growing margins and generating local economic empowerment. They are also working to train women for the workforce and supplying critical health products at a low cost. Walmart is sourcing from women entrepreneurs in India and has recently reached its milestone of doubling sourcing from women entrepreneurs globally.  As a result, they are also gaining new consumers who want to support women at the value chain level. Additionally, Amway is supporting women entrepreneurs as distributors of Amway products in India and around the world while promoting nutrition outcomes for women. At the forum, we will also be discussing cross-sector partnerships that deliver results.

Please register here if you would like to attend the forum in India.