Samsung Electronics America Helps Bring Families Together at a Time They Need It Most

In 2015, Samsung Electronics America announced a half-million dollar commitment to nonprofit Fisher House Foundation to help build four new Fisher Houses and bring state-of-the-art Samsung appliances, televisions, and electronics to current temporary homes for recovering military and veterans' families. Last week, the first of four homes officially opened in Charleston, South Carolina.

The new Charleston Fisher House will provide a “home away from home” for up to 16 families of eligible veterans and active duty military members at no cost, allowing them to be near their loved one while they receive medical treatment.

The homes Samsung is helping build foster an instant sense of community for its residents – brought together by their common mission of supporting a sick or injured loved one – but also provide families with a secure and private place to rest and recharge.

Samsung’s partnership with Fisher House Foundation is a multi-faceted one comprised of the following:

Financial and product donations

A scholarship fund for New Jersey-based military spouses to help provide the essential funds needed for them to continue their higher education goals. The company also donated cash and technology products, including house appliances as needed, for each house. More than 250 Tablets were also provided in 2015 with a curated suite of apps tailored to the families’ needs to communicate with loved ones, employers, medical care, financial institutions, and academic affiliates across more than 25 Fisher Houses nationwide.

Annual employee engagement

Annual employee engagement opportunities for Samsung team members, such as volunteering at Fisher House sites, are a significant aspect of the partnership, aside from financial aid. Volunteers can cook dinners at the homes, participating in Giving Tuesday every November, and various other ways through Fisher House’s many programs to support veterans and their families.

Communications and visibility support

Another aspect of the Samsung-Fisher House Foundation partnership includes communications and visibility support for new Fisher House openings where Samsung is a principal construction donor – such as with the Charleston Fisher House – including media outreach and local engagement around the ceremonies.

For more information on Samsung and Fisher House Foundation’s partnership, click here.