Series: Launching a New Venture

Rob C. Masri, CEO, Cardagin Networks, Inc.

It’s OK to Rely on Family and Friends. One of the most important things to maintain when launching a new business is perspective. Usually, businesses aren't a matter of life and death. Whether the business fails or succeeds, the sun will still come out tomorrow, life will go on and you will need the support of those around you to console you or celebrate with you.

Accordingly, make time for your family. Include your spouse or significant other or best friend in general discussions. Allow them to feel like they too have a proprietary interest in the success of the business. With them, you have allies and a support network that you can call on at anytime, and ask them to do virtually anything (and usually for free).  Without them, you are left trying to do everything by yourself.  Not only is that lonely, but when you actually do need to complain or need someone’s help, no one will listen or respond with the same empathy or enthusiasm, unless they feel like they have been there all along.

From the moment I launched Cardagin, I have sought advice, guidance, support and comfort from friends, colleagues and family. In fact, some of the most important things that have happened to Cardagin are because my family or friends felt connected to the Company and made the right introduction or identified an exciting opportunity.  Learning about DEMO, meeting new investors and signing up our first customers are all milestones that are directly attributable to friend and family involvement.

Don’t be afraid to share the ups and downs with those closest to you.  You’ll need them more than you know.