Tennis, Detroit and Farming: This Week in Data

September 2, 2014

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is continuing its exploration of data-driven innovation, and offers this roundup of data-related stories from the past week.

This week’s stories touch on a range of topics including farming, tennis and IBM’s Watson. Be sure to register for the Foundation’s summit on the Future of Data-Driven Innovation on Oct. 7.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Big Data Users Forbes,  Sept. 1. – This article offers examples of how Big Data is being used effectively, and offers tips on how to be proactive in looking for data trends that no one else has considered.

Big Data Turns Tennis Into Music TWC News, Sept. 2. This piece examines IBM’s fun use of data at the US Open in New York. Using data from matches, IBM has developed algorithms to create music tied to specific results.

How Big Data Could Prevent the Next Ferguson Mashable. Aug. 28. A look at IBM’s CopLink softare, which allows officers to process and analyze mountains of  paperwork much faster, thus speeding investigations.

Can Baseball Get More Interesting to Watch?Newsweek.  August 31. Major League Baseball is at the forefront of the sport data revolution. This article profiles baseball’s data guru, and examines how data could alter the way we watch and appreciate the game.

Big Data the Big Topic for FarmersHoosierAg Today, Sept. 1.  A brief article examining the “Precision Made Personal” program, which helps farmers collect and manage data about fields and crops.

Detroit and Data Take on Blight – Bloomberg View. Aug. 22. An examination of efforts to take on Detroit’s urban decay by getting a better handle on the number of abandoned and foreclosed properties.


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