TPM Strategy #6 - Continuous Improvement

October 14, 2017

Talent Pipeline Management Strategy 6 - Continuous Improvement

Now that employer collaboratives have completed the first five steps of Talent Pipeline Management (TPM), they have the information needed to improve their ROI and respond to the needs of the collaborative through a continuous improvement process.
While the business community engages in continuous improvement processes every day to eliminate inefficiency, optimize performance, and reduce costs, these effective practices have not been as widely applied to education and workforce partnerships.
TPM is an employer-led solution by business, for business, so by using industry practices, we can improve the talent supply chain. TPM’s process is based on the five below steps:
1.       Employer collaboratives use their dashboard tools to identify the most impactful and practical opportunities to improve their partnerships.
2.       Teams explore and analyze data to determine the root cause of performance problems and what is needed to improve.
3.       These teams develop solutions, including new approaches and incentives that can lead to better results.
4.       From there, the collaborative and its members pilot a solution and evaluate its effectiveness.
5.       Finally, the team will communicate the results of the pilot and scale what works.
Congratulations on completing the Talent Pipeline Management process! Don’t forget to join us on for the America Working Forward conference on October 16 (livestreamed here), where the TPM Academy curriculum will be released to the public so you can be part of the movement and keep America working forward.
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