Welcome to NCF's Blog!

Hello and welcome to the NCF’s first blog! As the new executive vice president of NCF, I’d like to start off by expressing my excitement for all of our upcoming programs and events including the U.S. Chamber’s recently launched American Free Enterprise. Dream Big. campaign. NCF’s Free Enterprise activities are focused around three initiatives:

(I) Think. Free Enterprise., seeks to research and develop awareness about the positive effect free enterprise has had on the economy and job sustainability;

(II) State of Action examines the efforts of governors and mayors to stabilize a fluctuating job market and achieve economic growth on a state and local level; and

(III) Dream Big. Achieve., reaches out to future industry leaders and a new generation of entrepreneurs by engaging them in a discussion about the value of America’s free enterprise system. With these programs, NCF explores and creates awareness around the economic and historical foundations of the American free enterprise system.

NCF has already executed a number of activities surrounding the American Free Enterprise. Dream Big. campaign. NCF has formed a formal partnership with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) to produce programs, events, and original research. Additionally, on January 5th, NCF held its inaugural Free Enterprise salon dinner where experts gathered to talk about regulatory policy today and in the future. A similar salon dinner was held in Chicago, IL on January 19th which focused on young entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs, academics, thought leaders, and local community leaders were brought to the table to understand what inspires young entrepreneurship and how the business community can engage with future business leaders.

In addition to the American Free Enterprise. Dream Big campaign, NCF is continuing our work on other business related issues. Our blog options reflect NCF’s 2010 agenda and include topics regarding the debt effect, impact of regulatory policy, measuring U.S. competitiveness, entrepreneurship, and emerging issues. I hope you find this blog a place to openly express your opinions, thoughts, and concerns surrounding NCF and its activities.