What Business is Doing to Prepare Kids for Success in the Digital Economy

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Capital One employees work with students to give them the tools they need to get a head start in today's digital economy.


Capital One's RockIt! program is giving students the tools they need to succeed in the digitally-focused economy.

Capital One is focused on giving Americans a “Future Edge” by empowering them to succeed in a digitally driven economy and helping them develop the skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

In 2012, through our partnership with the Harris Foundation, we implemented the RockIt! program for middle school students in the greater Houston area. RockIt! leverages interactive lessons and gaming experiences to introduce students to concepts such as budgeting, saving, and investing, all while they’re in charge of managing and marketing a music band. During this 30-hour, 14-lesson experience, students apply foundational knowledge and work in collaborative teams to manage their band’s budget, as well as earn, save, and invest toward the goal of creating a music video.

After only three years, RockIt! has reached more than 1,000 students through 33 teachers, with a grand total of more than 16,000 hours of financial literacy instruction. During the initial year, the program took place at one location. It increased to five sites in year two, and this past school year RockIt! was implemented at 20 Houston-area schools.

In March 2015, Capital One and the Harris Foundation began to bring RockIt! into the 21st century by creating a more engaging digital experience for program participants. To help make this happen, Capital One Adaptive Path user experience designers and developers have provided more 300 hours of pro bono support for the program so far this year.

RockIt!’s technology-based, human-centric design approach—with a nod toward the user experience— demonstrates how our Capital One’s community efforts—much like our company’s businesses—are evolving. And we’re reaching students through a medium they understand and enjoy: technology. As the RockIt! experience becomes even more userfriendly, Capital One plans to grow and expand the program to help additional students gain the job skills that will give them their edge in the future.

[Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in Private Sector Leadership in Financial Inclusion.]