Why Fort Worth is Hot Right Now

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Forth Worth Mayor Betsy Price signed the Wellness Pledge on June 26. Join her and sign the Pledge today!


Fort Worth is putting its best foot forward in the community health movement, and we love what we're seeing!

Yes, summers in Texas are hot. But we're more interested in how the community health movement is heating up in Fort Worth, led by Mayor Betsy Price, the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations like FitWorth. The Health Means Business campaign visited Fort Worth last November, and the energy from leaders in the room was high from the get-go. We could tell that these Texans meant big business.

When we launched the Health Means Business Champions Network a month ago, Mayor Price was among the first to sign up to join the Network by taking the Wellness Pledge and sharing how and why her city plans to engage (did we mention other leaders like Len Komoroski, CEO, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Steve Forbes, CEO, Forbes Media are also in the Network?).

Fort Worth, a city considered an economic engine for the state of Texas, has an incredible pull for businesses looking to expand or relocate. In 2015, the Fort Worth Chamber brought nearly $3 billion in new investment to the area. As the 16th largest city in the nation, Fort Worth prides itself on being fast-growing, economically strong, culturally rich and incredibly diverse.

In a recent Washington Examiner joint op-ed, Mayor Price and Marc DeCourcey, Senior Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, dive into why a healthy workforce is a key focus for Fort Worth as they continue to attract new businesses and create opportunity.

Research trends show that, for millennials, it isn't just about the paycheck anymore. They want to see that their company values their overall well-being. For years, Fort Worth has made community health a priority, starting with city initiatives like FitWorth and Healthways' Blue Zones Project, a policy-oriented organization," explain Price and DeCourcey in the article.

Another seriously cool initiative in Fort Worth? The 2016 Tour de Fort Worth, a three-week community effort to encourage residents to grab their bikes and get out on the trails. While it's not quite at the intensity level of that other three-week bike tour going on currently in France, we're pretty excited to follow its progress. At the tour's kick-off, Mayor Price even signed the Wellness Pledge for everyone to see, and encouraged participants to do the same. Bravo, Mayor Price!

So, what are YOU waiting for? Join Mayor Price and other leaders by taking the Wellness Pledge today!