Women Choosing Entrepreneurship as the Road out of Poverty

A trip through Liberia, West Africa led two women to co-found the Adventure Project, a nonprofit organization that seeks to end extreme poverty in this lifetime by increasing investments in effective social ventures. Key areas of focus are health, water, hunger, and the environment.

On March 8th, co-founder Becky Straw will speak at BCLC’s conference at the United Nations, titled Role of Business in Empowering Women. Registration is still open. A letter to BCLCblog readers from Becky Straw appears below.


Hi, I'm Becky Straw, Co-Founder and Chief Adventurist at the Adventure Project, and a panelist for the upcoming Role of Business in Empowering Women forum.

On a recent trip to Haiti, the Adventure Project--a nonprofit that supports entrepreneurs in developing countries -- was excited to do a story with a TV station on the clean cook stove initiative that we launched in partnership with Haitian women. We were so proud to have something positive to say about Haiti on national news. When my team and I arrived, the producer met the stove vendor, turned to me and said, "She's not poor. Where are the tents?"

In an effort to solve environmental and health issues in Haiti, the project has become a sustainable economic opportunity for these women. The entrepreneurs are now selling 20 stoves per day and are earning a daily commission of $60--an astronomical figure considering most Haitians struggle to survive on $2 per day. While you might have caught a glimpse of one of the cook stoves on the news, you will not see the entrepreneur, because she's not poor.

I invite you tojoin me in New York on March 8 at the United Nations by registering for the UN and BCLC forum on The Role of Business in Empowering Women. With a line-up of exemplary speakers including Sheryl WuDunn, author of “Half the Sky,” and many more, we will continue the discussion about business' opportunities to develop entrepreneur programs as a bridge out of poverty for women, their families, and their communities.

We hope to see you at the UN world headquarters in New York on March 8th. Learn more about the event.

More about the Adventure Project:

The Adventure Project Holiday Stove Campaign from The Adventure Project on Vimeo.