December 19, 2014

Business Horizon Quarterly, Issue #12: Data-Driven Innovation

The 12th edition of the Business Horizon Quarterly is centered on the topic of data-driven innovation. 

The issue contains more than a dozen articles from thought leaders and businesses executives, discussing the role that data can play in boosting the economy and improving society. 

Each article is available online at the links below, and you can also view it via PDF in ISSUU. 

Also be sure to download the digital version of the BHQ featuring enhanced content for iOS and Android devices.

Click below to read each of the articles from the 12th edition of the BHQ. Also see a playlist of videos relating to Data-Driven Innovation on YouTube.


A Note From the Publisher - By John R. McKernan Jr., President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

Data and Opportunity Grow in the Heartland - By Mikel Berger, President, Lafayettetech

Government Data and the Elephant in the Room - By Carolyn Parnell, Chief Information Officer, State of Minnesota

Research Enters a New Data-Driven Era of Discovery - By Ray Watts, M.D., President, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Driving the Economy With a Big Dose of Data - By Joe Kennedy, President, Kennedy Research

Food+Data = Great Opportunities: The Story of DC Central Kitchen - By Rich Cooper and Justin Hienz, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Real World Data: The Challenge That Can't Be Refused - By Kirsten Axelsen, Vice President in Worldwide Policy, Pfizer; and Dr. Marc Berger, Vice President, Real World Data and Analytics, Pfizer

Opening Business Innovation With Open Data - By Joel Gurin, Founder of

An Era of Game-Changing Insight from Big Data - By Daniel Pelino, General Manager, Global Public Sector, IBM Corp.

Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Policy - By David Chavern, Executive Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; President, Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation

Data is the New Gold: Marketing Innovation and the New Economy - By Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Executive Director of the Data Marketing Institute at the Direct Marketing Association

A Dozen Principals for Data-Driven Innovation - U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Business & Data Leaders Speak!

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