Modern pathways for access to fulfilling careers.

Each year, millions of young adults across the country leave their classrooms, whether it be high school or postsecondary, hoping that the knowledge they’ve gained will be enough to launch a career. At the same time, employers are revving their HR engines and getting ready to post their spring jobs to hunt for fresh, young talent.

Will the skills and competencies that the students possess be the right match for the HR team on the hunt? A better question is, how do we make sure they match? 

54% of high school juniors and seniors report that they lack the proper supports to help them match their interests to potential occupations, and 51% report that they aren’t advised on the steps to secure their desired career. For the strength of our future economy, we must be able to ensure our young people are career ready once they exit the education system. 

By getting our business community engaged, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is confident that our communities will be well equipped to transform the students of today into the innovators of tomorrow, but employers cannot fix it alone. We need everyone—businesses, workers, government, and our nation’s education and training providers—working together to match the available talent in this country with the fulfilling careers waiting for them. 

The strategies that we have explored so far create exciting opportunities for students while also building a prepared workforce ready for employers who desperately need workers. Check them out and contact us at for support making your effort to support your community's career readiness a reality.