Profiles of Change - Ken Campbell

Kenneth L. Campbell

President, Black Alliance for Educational Options

Kenneth L. Campbell, a founding board member of the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), has served as president of the organization since January 2010. Since 2000, BAEO has worked to increase access to high-quality educational options for Black children by supporting parental choice policies and programs that empower low-income and working-class black families. Previously, Campbell led Louisiana’s charter school efforts as the founding director of charter schools at the Louisiana Department of Education.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, he helped engineer the rebuilding of New Orleans’s education infrastructure through charter schools and implemented innovative strategies to transform failing schools across the state into higher performing charter schools. Campbell began his career in education reform in Washington, D.C, helping to secure passage of the District’s landmark charter school law. He later founded the D.C. Charter School Resource Center, which cultivated school founders and leaders and helped foster an environment where charter schools could succeed.

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