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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center (CCC), The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), and The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) have developed this web-based toolbox to help the private sector incorporate circularity into their core principles and business practices. The toolbox assists companies at any stage of the circular economy to develop programs and practices that are critical to capitalizing on the business value of the circular economy. By bringing the circular economy out of the theoretical and into the practical, it will provide actionable tools and steps for companies to adjust their practices to take advantage of the long-term benefits of becoming more circular.

You can navigate the toolbox in two ways.  First, you can look at how different circular business practices can be conceived, built, and conducted by topic matter. Links to these specific project topics are found above on this page and on the sidebar of any of the project topics pages.

Second, if you have specific interests by industry, business process, or other terms, you can search by keyword using the search box located below on this page or at the top of the side bar of on the rest of the Circular Economy Toolbox pages. You can type in any word or subject, or go to our glossary of circular economy terms and keywords for ideas.

We have included keywords for each project that cover industry type, location in the value chain, and potential metrics to measure impact.  At the bottom of the description, each project also has a weblink to the source from which details of the project were obtained.

For more on the circular economy, please see our about circularity section, which includes discussion of circularity versus sustainability, ideas on how to get started in circularity, and our list of circular economy resources.

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