Closed Loop

Closed loop processes are the consummate examples of circularity. In these systems, products are designed and managed so that when they reach the end of their useful life, they can be disassembled and have their parts and materials used in new products of the same type. It can also describe support systems in a factory, such as a closed-loop cooling water system, where the same water is recirculated through the system with minial loss, avoiding the need to continually bring fresh water into the factory. In this Toolbox, products and systems that fit in a broader definition of closed loop are not included, where a product is recyclable and contains recycled content, but the two processes are not directly linked or considered together.
ECOR Fiber Conversion, Manufacturing & Upcycling Process
The ECOR manufacturing process allows for the conversion and upcycling of low value, often problematic, waste resources into a high performance building materials.
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NewSKY Shoes

New Balance

NewSKY, a New Balance shoe design, is composed of a high quality polyester fabric called Eco-fi created from post-consumer plastic bottles.
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Tarkett's ReStart Program allows flooring installation professionals to return and recycle old flooring instead of sending it to landfill. It is a complete program that educates the installer and gives them the tools, and incentives, to return the used products back to Tarkett for reuse.
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Shaw Industries

Shaw Industries set out to create a more environmentally responsible alternative to traditional PVC-backed carpet tile. The result was EcoWorx, which would become the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified carpet tile.
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Linoleum Flooring


For more than a century, Tarkett has been making linoleum flooring with great care and attention using the same manufacturing process and renewable raw materials such as linseed oil, resin, jute, wood and cork flour.
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Dell Reconnect Program


In partnership with Goodwill Industries, Dell collects used electronics of any brand via our Dell Reconnect program at more than 2,000 locations across the United States. The products are then delivered to Dell’s Environmental Partner network for responsible reuse or recycling.
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Recycling Program for Print Supplies


HP’s first-of-its-kind closed-loop recycling program for print supplies was designed in collaboration with key recycling and materials suppliers and partners. Through this program, returned ink cartridges are disassembled and separated into metals, plastics, and other materials.
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Jaguar Land Rover

Weight is seen is something of an enemy at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), so over the past eight years the British car maker has taken lightweighting to new levels with its REALCAR (REcycled ALuminium CAR) project.
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Kingfisher brought together its production, manufacturing, retail and logistics expertise into one team with a chemistry research centre, waste recycler and composite wood manufacturer to create a new engineering process called “ReMade”.
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Partnership with Pioneer Products


In the United States, more than 82% of the materials that flow through Walmart stores, Sam’s Clubs, and distribution centers are being diverted from land fills.
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