Loan Programs

One way to maximize use of the resources required to make a product is to have it in use as often as possible and for as long as possible. Loan programs through retail or non-profit organiztions enable consumers to borrow products they don't use on a regular basis but need occasionally, rather than buy new products that end up sitting on a shelf until they are eventually disposed of. Sharing business models also fall under this category.

Toronto Tool Library

Founded in 2013 on a disruptive vision to transform consumption in society, the Toronto Tool Library is a non-profit social enterprise that lends specialized tools to community members.
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Funishare saw an opportunity for something new and unique in the market - customers pay for access to high-quality furniture rather than owning it outright.
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Mud Jeans

Mud Jeans is pioneering a lease model for its organic cotton jeans, in order to ensure raw materials supply and discover new business opportunities. Alongside purchasing the jeans in the conventional way, users can choose to lease Mud Jeans for €5 / month.
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