Priority Goals

To enable an organization to grow or evolve circular business models, circularity needs to be incorporated into the overall vision and goals for the company. Whether part of the company when it is founded, or new to an established organization wanting to become more circular, setting goals at a company-wide level ensures executive support for the initiative, and a clear way for all employees to contribute to reaching the goals.

PureWRX partnered with IT hardware leader Juniper Networks to create Juniper Certified PreOwned, extending the useful life of computer equipment that might otherwise be scrapped after use. The program allows customers to extend the life of their networks by using this certified pre-owned equipment.
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Design for the Environment


Intel’s Design for the Environment program ensures that product end-of-life is taken into consideration from the outset.
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Design for Excellence


In its “Design for Excellence” innovation process, Philips has added circular economy criteria to its existing criteria of recyclability, upgradability and serviceability.
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Net Zero Store


Sporting two wind turbines, nearly 850 solar panels and a geothermal system burrowed 550 feet into the ground, Walgreens Net Zero store in Evanston, Illinois is believed to be the nation's first net zero energy retail store, anticipated to produce energy equal to or greater than it consumes.
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As part of an integrated sustainability strategy called CodeGreen, Caesars is focused on minimizing core environmental impacts, including an aggressive plan to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.
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Aluminum Closed-Loop Manufacturing


Novelis, the world’s largest rolled aluminum company, expressed its intention to adopt an almost entirely closed-loop manufacturing system in which 80% of the aluminum it uses in its beverage cans, automobile parts and specialty products would be recycled material.
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Recovering Potassium Hydroxide


Small amounts of hydroflouric acid used in gas production must be neutralized, often using potassium hydroxide (KOH). This spent KOH was disposed of by the refineries as a hazardous waste. Veolia has developed a method to recover and recycle this spent chemical.
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Alcoa Technology Center


Key to achieving water goals as well as assisting customers globally is Alcoa’s Natural Engineered Wastewater Treatment technology that mimics natural wetlands to sustainably treat wastewaters.
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