Increasing the useful life span of a product is an important part of keeping materials in use for as long as possible. Refurbishing products - testing, cleaning, repairing and otherwise preparing them for reuse - enables not only the materials to continue circuating through the economy, but also the energy and human resources that went into the product during manfacturing and use.
PureWRX partnered with IT hardware leader Juniper Networks to create Juniper Certified PreOwned, extending the useful life of computer equipment that might otherwise be scrapped after use. The program allows customers to extend the life of their networks by using this certified pre-owned equipment.
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Tarkett's ReStart Program allows flooring installation professionals to return and recycle old flooring instead of sending it to landfill. It is a complete program that educates the installer and gives them the tools, and incentives, to return the used products back to Tarkett for reuse.
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Think Chair

Steelcase Inc

Steelcase launched the Think® chair in 2004, the world’s first Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM product designed for the circular economy.
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Remanufactured Parts


Caterpillar employs a design-for-remanufacturing process to ensure that new parts and components are able to be remanufactured for multiple service lives.
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Refurbishing Medical Equipment


Sold under the Diamond Select program, Philips’ refurbished systems are used products that perform as if they were new; the same warranty conditions also apply.
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REEP Technologies

In 2012, REEP Technologies developed their process to remove or hide toner from paper, leaving the paper ‘as new’ and ready for re-use.
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Reuse and Recycle Program


By designing for durability, SunPower’s panels have an expected useful life of more than 40 years (defined as 99% of modules producing at least 70% of their power), and they illustrate how we can move away from the concept of a “disposable” product.
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