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What is Circular Solutions?

At the Corporate Citizenship Center, we showcase how companies are contributing business solutions to society’s challenges. Our new communications campaign, Circular Solutions, will feature innovative approaches for how companies are eliminating waste, driving greater resource productivity improvements, realizing new opportunities for growth and performance, and contributing to a stronger competitive economy. Check out the featured content below, and follow #CircularSolutions on Twitter to learn how businesses are leveraging new business models and disruptive technology innovations to achieve a circular economy.

Contact Bailey Jacobs if you are interested in telling your story.

Additionally, if you're interested in learning more about the circular economy, join us for our 2017 Circular Economy Summit! Participants will have the opportunity to convene with sustainability leaders to explore ideas, innovations, technologies, and partnerships needed to leverage value adding circular economy strategies and principles that enables business growth, economic prosperity, ecosystem health, and community well-being. Click here to register!

Delivering Clean Water through Circular Thinking

Veolia is placing a natural resource, water, into a closed loop in Rockland County, New York by designing a new reclamation plant, thus supplying clean water to a million residents. An example of solutions at the local level contributing to the circular economy.

Find out how this new process works here.

Five North American Companies Embracing the Circular Economy

Read this article to learn how five companies are leading the circular economy transition in North America. These case studies will be featured in our circular economy report, released at our 2017 Circular Economy Summit in June.

Click here to read the case studies.

Taking Sustainability to the Next Level

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has partnered to develop the Circular Economy Toolbox, an online platform to help companies incorporate more sustainable business practices that eliminate waste and increase efficiency.

Click here to access the toolbox.

5 Things Leaders Can Do to Create a Truly Circular Economy

Joseph Walicki, Vice President and President of Power Solutions at Johnson Controls offers five steps company leaders can do in order to achieve a truly circular economy for their business, leading to a more sustainable and profitable future.

Read the five steps here

Working Toward a Circular Economy through Disruptive Technology

DSM partnered with Niaga® to develop a fully recyclable carpet, which will help mitigate the billions of pounds of carpet waste that enters the solid waste stream in the U.S. every year.

What’s behind this ground-breaking sustainable carpet technology? Read about it here.

Steps Toward Eliminating Operational Waste for a Sustainable Future

In this article, Sealed Air shares insight behind how they are working toward achieving their 2020 Sustainability Goals, which includes a commitment to eliminate all operational waste.

Learn how they're accomplishing these sustainable goals here.

Business Delegation Tour: The Circular Economy in Action

CCC brought together business leaders and industry experts on this delegation tour to explore practical and profitable circular opportunities that helps decouple economic growth from resource constraints while driving performance, competitiveness and innovation. 

Watch the video here:

Reducing Waste and Benefiting Local Communities

Through their program "Linens for Life," Sealed Air partners with hotels to repurpose their linens and distribute to local artisans who reuse the discarded linens and re-sell them. Hotels are able to reduce waste while also benefiting their local communities.


Learn more about Sealed Air's program here.


Welcome to a New Economy

Senior director of CCC's environment program, Jennifer Gerholdt, describes the circular economy and our new communications campaign, Circular Solutions, featuring innovative approaches for companies to improve their bottom line, as well as the planet.
Learn more about our campaign here.

Circular Economy Trends

UPS and GreenBiz Group teamed up to survey sustainability leaders and business decision-makers, and identify trends that can make the shift to a circular business model more feasible for companies. Insights from the survey signal great opportunity.

Learn more about the research findings here.